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Photo by Ken Farrell

2017 NEWS

14 Fish, 2 Bottles and a Shoe just sold out on CD Baby. Don’t ask me how it happened. It was the first edition, limited and numbered. Believe it or not, there are actually bootlegs available on Amazon. Unbelieveable...


One Guitar

One Guitar is an ongoing-benefit concept now on its second year and second CD. All proceeds go to Maureen’s Haven. Check it out on BandCamp. It’s a double CD with 31 original singer songwriters. My contribution is I Woke Up Today.

Peace and Love - the GONE Tribe

The Gone Tribe is back with Peace and Love, a 14 song CD of original music. Recorded Live (in the studio). Check out The Peace and Love Project @DougOnTheDrums

Lantern Sound Recording Rig

Both recordings were engineered by Mic Hargreaves who is a pleasure to work with and did a truly great job. Check out Lantern Sound Recording Rig (Facebook)
"Writing a song is like catching a fish.
It isn’t real if it doesn’t have any guts. "